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Reviews of "All My Silent Years"

...The author artfully contrasts the beautifully simple life the Sangs once enjoyed with the ghastly one paradoxically imposed by utopian rhetoric. This is a poignant emotional drama as well as an astute exploration of a sad period in Cambodian history. 

A heartbreakingly touching tale, historically intelligent and emotionally devastating.

-Kirkus Review of "All My Silent Years"

Behind this story is a story of deep friendship between two women who between them have given readers of this remarkable historical novel a great gift. Please take this gift in both hands, and when you have read it, share it with your world

-Jenni Ogden

Author of "A Drop in the Ocean"

“All My Silent Years" is elemental, direct, raw, intimate, and transformative. A story that grips you and carries you directly into the beauty and tragedy of a hidden corner of contemporary history.

Jonathan Marcus, Author of "Everything's Happening at Once"

All My Silent Years"

is a  heartfelt and

beautifully told story

of courage in the face of

unspeakable suffering.

-Tony Gentry
Author of "The Coal Tower"

True history, yes- but perhaps just as important, a book I couldn't put down. A story that grabbed me from the start.

Patricia A. Smith

Author of "The Year of Needy Girls"

A riveting and heart-rending account of one young woman's ordeal during the Cambodian genocide.

William J. Duiker 

Scholarand Author of

"Ho Chi Minh, A Life"



In January 2019, Rosemary travelled to Cambodia with the family that inspired her book. She enjoyed the eco tour of a lifetime.

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Reviews of "Learning by Accident"

Rawlins tells a candid story of love and pathos about her husband's traumatic brain injury. She captures the frustration, the angst, and the grinding irritation that exhausts the cargiver and strains the relationship. While it explores the wrenching grief over the intellectual and emotional loss of a companion and parter, it is also about hope and rehabilitation.

Learning by Accident" is fast-paced, anecdotal blow-by-blow account of lost brain function, of rekindled love, medical genius, laughter and pain, of setbacks and redemptive renewal.

Rawlins's honest and searing account of her family's journey through injury and recovery will ring true for anyone who has had a loved one with a sudden traumatic injury. Her keen observations, emotions, and the sheer resilience of her spirit speak to hidden jewels and ultimate redemption that can be found on the flip side of any'bad thing.'

Claudia L. Osborne

Author of "Over My Head"

Bill McKelway
Richond Times-Dispatch

Lee Woodruff

NY Times Bestselling Author of

"In and Instant"

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Rosemary Rawlins is a  writer who is passionate about understanding trauma and resilience.

She is concerned with health and world issues and finding alternatives to violence, war, hunger, and intolerance through stories that connect us in universal ways.

Rosemary’s debut novel and most recent book, All My Silent Years, is the culmination of a cross-cultural friendship that taught her about rebirth in life and death, and all the possibilities that lie within us when we open our minds and hearts to new people and places.

Her first book, Learning by Accident: A Caregiver’s True Story of Fear, Family, and Hope, is a memoir about learning and growing through adversity (Skyhorse Publishing).


Rosemary and her husband Hugh were featured in the 2013 Bronze Telly Award-winning video about Relationships after TBI. She and Hugh were also featured on the front page of the New York Times Science Section in January 2012. Rosemary is the former Editor of BrainLine Blogs, an award-winning multi-media site. She is now semi-retired when not visiting book groups (her favorite activity) and lives happily by the shore in Nags Head, NC with her husband.


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